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Athi Kumanan
Charismatic tamil writer Kumanan Pupathi Athimulan @ Athi Kumanan died on 28/03/05 owing to blood clot complications. No other medical details were reported in the local media. Athi who rose from an ordinary reporter to editorial advisor of a Tamil newspaper Malaysia Nanban that he co-founded, successfully ran the paper on anti-Samy Vellu platform and aligning himself closely with S. Subramaniam. Described by his friends as an excessive alcohol consumer, used his paper extensively to project himself as a virtuous person fighting for justice.
1950 Born in Penang. Second in the family of six
BA, Annamamalai University, Tamil Nadu
  Finished his studies and returned home. Briefly worked at a textile shop.
  Sub-editor, Tamil Malar.
  NTS Arumagam Pillai, owner of Tamil Malar and a multi-millionaire sacked him for his union activities. Athi's law suit at Industrial court failed. The court president branded Athi "an opportunist".
1977 Started Vaanambadi, a weekly paper
1981 Started Tamil Osai together with Sivalingam, a close ally of Subramaniam
1990 A bitter strugle with political turncoat Sivalingam for control of Tamil Osai that led to its closure.
  Started Malaysia Nanban
  President, Tamil Writers Association for 13 years
2003 "Datuk Scandal" made him IPF Deputy President
2005 28/03/05 - Died
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