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Moving forward together with MIC
Denison Jayasooria

4:00pm, Sun: opinion Contrary to the critics, MIC is the largest grouping of organised Indians which has gained the confidence of a majority of Indian Malaysians.
This is reflected in every general elections held in Malaysia. While there is democratic space to reflect critically, it is imperative that there is a uniting of different sections of the community in addressing the social needs, issues and concerns of the community.
This is the 'smart partnership' so often highlighted in contemporary governance between public, private and civil society. (.....more)

Denison Jayasooria

“Malay community distressed with the anti-social behaviour of a group of Indian youths, resulting in them wanting to teach the Indian youths a lesson” says Denison in his research paper on the Klang Lama (Kg. Medan) ethnic clash that occurred in 2001.

Anti-Samy Tamil daily’s branded Denison as a ‘traitor of Indians’ disregarding his explanation and the other five reasons he mentioned.
Denison is heading Social Strategic Foundation (YSS), a multi-million dollar government funded organization that comes under MIC jurisdiction. This may be the reason for twisting the whole issue and whip up Indian sentiment. Denison is not blameless. His research works were not transparent and he refuses to respond when academics challenge (YSS needs to explain figures) his work.

What has the Indian community come to?

September 7, 2011 From MK Periasamy, via e-mail, FMT LETTER -- How Denison and the MIC foundation, YSS, that Denison led spent RM30 million are still things that have not been cleared up. One thing Denison did do, while under Samy’s watchful eye, was to organise conference after conference and conduct a lot of research that never ever amounted to actual improvement in the lives of Indians. (....more)


Outburst by MIC leaders unwarranted

October 12, 2011, FMT, From Denison Jayasooria, via e-mail -- I would encourage Senator Subramaniam, Mr Siva Subramaniam, Mr Malarvili and Mr Palaniappan to review public criticism in a positive and objective way. The senator will know that being critical of MIC or the president does not mean disloyalty in any way to the party. (.....more)


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