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V C George

Former Judge of the Court of Appeal

Former President of the Malaysian Bar

Abolish Tamil Schools?
Thursday, September 06, 2007
“I would also like to see Tamil schools abolished” the statement by former appeal court Judge and also former Malaysian Bar council president is getting heated up. DAP Secretary General Lim Eng has joined the fray with Kulasegaran -- who was glad he did’t go to Tamil-- and Sivanesan group but their decision to lodge a police report has been postponed until hearing the explanation from Kuala Lumpur Bar secretary.


(source: Relevan 0207) What George said


Judge George’s prejudiced Tamil School Trial

Sunday, September 09, 2007
Former appeal court Judge George, who is not a Tamil but of Malayalee linguistic origin, refused to retract and apologies for his call to abolish Tamil schools according to Malaysia Nanban. Consequently, a police report has been made.

Based on Malaysia Nanban report, it seems Judge George has no clue at all about Tamil School but yet condemned Tamil Scholl to death.
Another interesting thing is the double standard practiced by the group that lodged police report calling the arrest of George for “inciting the Indians, insulting Tamil schools and causing discontent among the Indians”(malaysikini 08/09).

What about DAP Kulasegaran? Five years ago he said, “All those friends of mine who went to a Tamil school are now either lorry drivers, labourers or in prison”. Isn’t this statement insulting Tamil Schools? (.......more)

Police report against former Judge
Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Opposition Member of Parliament Kulasegaran and lawyer Sivanesan will be lodging a police report against former appeal court judge C.V. George today at 2:00 PM at brickfields police station, according to Malaysia Nanban report. George apparently told in an interview of a monthly magazine to shut down all Tamil Schools in Malaysia. The paper did not elaborate the rational for George to say that.
However, the irony is, Kulasegaran, who said he was glad he did not go to Tamil, is the one jumping to make the police report.
“All those friends of mine who went to a Tamil school are now either lorry drivers, laborers or in prison”, said Kulasegaran, five years ago.
Shall we make a police report against Kula?

Effigy of George burned

A group of Tamil School patriots burned the effigy of former appeal court Judge V C George at Brickfields today, reports Malaysia Nanban. Several Tamil organizations have condemned George for advocating the closure of Tamil Schools. Will they apply the same standard to Kulasegaran and burn his effigy?

George is a Malayalee, retired judge, non-politician and absolutely ill informed regarding Tamil Schools. One can pardon the adamant George for his ignorance. Probably he was venting his frustration of Tamil domination in the Indian Malaysian group, as other linguistic groups perceive. On the contrary, Kulasegaran is a Tamil, aspiring politician and supposed to be very well informed and as such his insults vomited were much more serious. He owes an apology to the Indian community.
Run-down Tamil schools fading into the past
V.Thomas, Sungai Buloh, The Sun, 13/09/07
The days of dilapidated estate schools with unqualified teachers, indifferent parents and unmotivated students are fast fading away to be replaced by more urban-based schools with dedicated teachers and headmasters, IT and other facilities and various well-intentioned groups and organisations helping to raise the standard of education in Tamil schools. (.....more)
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