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RM 489,000 for 34 Tamil Schools, Is this enough?

Ministry of Education has allocated RM 489,000 for 34 tamil schools in the country which was announced by Samy Vellu but Kulasegaran, Ipoh Barat MP, says the money is not enough, reports Makkal Osai. (.....more)

'There are few opportunities for anyone who goes to Tamil school. Generally speaking, these schools produce labourers,' . - DAP MP Kulasegaran. 23rd March 2001


“All those friends of mine who went to a Tamil school are now either lorry drivers, labourers or in prison”, said Kulasegaran, five years ago in the aftermath of Klang Lama ethnic clash.
As an Ex-MP he was glad he didn’t go to Tamil School but, now, after being Ipoh Barat MP, he seems to have a paradigm shift, advising Tamil School teachers not to reject new enrolments even if the schools are overcrowded and shortage of facilities as reported by Makkal Osai (27/09/06).
Under 9th Malaysia plan, according to education minister, there will be no new Chinese and Tamil Schools. Kula is furious about this. His noise in parliament somewhat made the minister concerned to eat his words. Wow! we’ll see more lorry drivers.. criminals…

DAP MP Kulasegaran’s Top Ten reasons for his paradigm shift regarding parents sending their kids to Tamil School.

Indians can be fooled by Tamil Language issues.


Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Indonesian workers are no match to Indian coolies.


Can’t harp on Maika holding scandal too long.


Kula is simply a politician exploiting the Indians for his personal gain.


MIC politicians used Tamil School sentiment for decades. Why not Kula?


Tamil School kids will become coolies…...hee.. he .hee..and  Kula’s kids will become their masters.


Found the secret of getting daily coverage in Tamil dailies.


Retaining Ipoh Barat MP seat is paramount than principles.


Pandithan is sick! Subra is sleeping! I’m the new champion of the downtrodden.


None of your bloody business dude…

“Two of my sisters went to Tamil school and they graduated to become housewives” -- DAP MP Kulasegaran. 23rd March 2001
Ex-MP glad he missed Tamil school Children who go to such schools, which face an acute shortage of teachers and funding problems, end up as labourers, says the lawyer.
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