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Prominent economist Charles Santiago is set to vie the Klang Parliamentary seat in the coming Malaysian general elections widely expected to be held early March this year. Charles, director of Monitoring Sustainability of Globalization (MSN), contesting on opposition Democratic Action Party (DAP) could pose a strong challenge to the incumbent ruling Member of Parliament.


Charles Santiago

1998 Klang Member of Parliamnent
US educated Economist
Director of Monitoring Sustainability of Globalization (MSN)

Member, Group of Concerned Citizens

pic: makklal osai 01/12/07
Group of concerned citizens handing memo to suhakam on Batu Caves police attack.
"Their (non-Malay bumiputera) income is one of the lowest in the country and of course if you categorise them as a single bumiputera ethnic group, the income index for the well-off Malay bumiputera will be lower than the Indians because the non-Malay bumiputera population is considerably high," he explained. (.....more)
Despite all the election fraud committed by the ruling party, the strong wind of change blowing across the country is expected to give Charles Santiago a narrow victory in the parliamentary elections. (....more pictures)

Santiago gets a taste of Hokkien hospitality

The Star, Feb 19, 2008 -- ECONOMIST Charles Santiago had a first hand experience of Hokkien hospitality recently when he visited several Chinese homes in Pandamaran in Port Klang recently. (.....more)

Economist Charles Santiago, Ronie and ISA detainee Manoharan's wife outside Klang nomination center (....more pic)



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