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P.Kalimuthu, 32 yrs, implicated in 17 murders terrorized the capital through violence, extortion and heroin smuggling made headlines when he challenged the police to arrest him. He was gun down, finally but for many Indians he became a folk hero.
Notorious for ragging freshmen in colleges.

........ the seniors ordered a "helicopter spin" by tieing a string between a fan blade and the penis of a freshman and asked him to run around in a spin........ Indians with social woes rag harshly

Culture, Language, Identity and the Culture of Self-help for the Way Forward for the Malaysian Indian Community

By: Dr N. Iyngkaran and Dr P Kunaletchumy

Tuesday 07/03/2001 1:59:44am
gopalan johor
malaysian indians should work hard like american indians in the field of education,business and so on. get together. Dont always mention malaysia boleh . Replace it with Indian CANNNNNNNNNNN


Drug Addicts
Indians 9.4 %
Malays 66.14 %
Chinese 13.6 %
Obesity & Overweight
Indians 25.6 %
Malays 22.4 %
Chinese 19.5 %
(source: National Health and Morbidity survey 1996)
Towards Bangsa Malaysia----> 99 % of Chinese, 98 % of Malays and 97 % of Indians do not mingle with other races. - University Malaya Survey





Population 1999

Tamils form  70% of Indians. Other linguistic groups: Telugu, Malayalee, Punjabi, Bengali and Ceylonese Tamil

 80% of Indians are Hindus



Source: Economy Report 1998

If you or you know someone who needs help, contact:  Woman's  Aid Organization  Email: 

Tel: (04)228-0342, (04)228-5784, (07)222-1555

Women Against Violence

38 Indian gangs with a membership of 1,500 involved in extortion, drug pushing and robbery

186 Indian thugs had so far been banished to Simpang Renggam under the Emergency Ordinance while the number of Chinese was 162 and Malays 60.

- Police Chief (Bukit Aman CID deputy director Senior Asst. Comm I) Datuk Ramli Yusof 10/09/00

Indians arrested under emergency ordinance 1996



1996 69
1997 130
1998 162
1999 179
Aug 2000 111

Another opinion, based on a selective use of mostly American studies on the relationship between media and violence, institutionalised by Consumers Association of Penang (CAP), suggests that the central agency causing the problems within the Tamil community, in particular gangsterism, stems from the Tamils watching Tamil cinema. (M Nadarajah)....... Marginalisation, not Tamil movies, the cause of violence

Many middle- and upper-middle class Tamil/Indian Malaysians hold a view that Tamil schools are practically useless. Students in Tamil schools do not benefit either educationally or economically. And, worse, Tamil schools have become a hotbed for nurturing and sustaining vices and gangsterism..(M Nadarajah)........Is abolishing Tamil schools the solution?

Independence for Indians K Kabilan (Malaysiakini)

Nagging pains of local Indians A.LETCHUMANAN reports.

Middle-age crisis I have stopped feeling at home in Malaysia. There is a great deal of uneasiness. Someone out there may want to shout at me: "Go back to India, if you want!" M Nadarajah (Malaysiakini)

The Malaysian Indian in the New Millennium By: PROF. DATO DR. C.P. RAMACHANDRAN

The Indian Economic Position in Malaysia: A review of Performance & Priorities for Action by: R Thillainathan

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1999 Infant mortality Rate (%)









Friday 05/04/2001 9:39:37pm
S. Muniandy Kuala Lumpur
More information about the true nature of the problems of the Indian Malaysians should he researched and solutions identified for effective action, needless to say with political will and committment from the Government.
Saturday 04/10/2004 4:47:22pm
The whole website is full of stories and articles in negative vein some of which are of questinable accuracy.Reading these articles a foreigner would think that we Malaysian Indians are living as slaves just like those Negroes in the US in bad old days or blacks in apartheid South Africa.To a Malaysian Indian these stories would only serve to demotivate and reinforce the inferiority complex. (....more)




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