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Two honourable options for Samy Vellu Lim Kit Siang, 30/11/07
Nazri: I stand by the other 2 mil Indians
Nov 29, 07 Malaysiakini
Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf)
indian plight

Kumudam, Tamil Nadu weekly magazine cartoon

hindraf What it means for Samy Vellu
Christie Loh
Today Online, Saturday, Dec 01, 07
FLAMBOYANT Malaysian politician S Samy Vellu is like a man used to walking over beds of burning coals.
pic: makklal osai 01/12/07  
Group of concerned citizens handing memo to suhakam on Batu Caves police attack. Hindraf Gone Overboard With Ethnic Cleansing Accusation - Abdullah

Malaysian Minorities' Human Rights Saturday, December 1, 2007

Malaysia Ethnic Cleansing, Genocide etc.
Abdullah Badawi, the Malaysian Prime Minister reacted angrily to purported claims by HINDRAF of ethnic . (.....more)
pic: tamil nesan Malaysian Indians look at LTTE
Why this Extreme Force ?
Govt To Demand Compensation From Hindraf
Nov 29 (Bernama) -- The government will demand compensation for damage to public property from leaders of the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) and those involved in its illegal demonstrations in the city and Batu Caves on Sunday. (....more)

Malaysian Indian Minority Is Experiencing Oppression

Why do I think so? Here's why:
Saturday, Dec 01, 2007
Formal political channel is closed -this is evident as experienced by Member of Parliament (MP) Sothinathan who was suspended for speaking up for the Indian community in Malaysian parliament and the pain MP Devamany is undergoing now, having been . (......more)

Malaysian political tension simmers with Indian flavour
Michael Backman, The Age
November 7, 2007

Religious insensitivity deepens an ethnic divide in long-neglected Indian minority.

ETHNIC rivalry in Malaysia is usually portrayed as rivalry between the majority Malay population and the large Chinese minority. But sandwiched between the two are Malaysia's 2 million Indians. (...more)
Ethnic Indian issue: Malaysian PM steps up attack
Hindraf lawyer Uthayakumar's car tyres slashed
Soon Li Tsin
Dec 3, 07 Malaysiakini
P Uthayakumar woke up to a rude shock this morning - all four tyres of his Volvo were slashed. (....more)

Malaysia's lingering ethnic divide

By Robin Brant
BBC News, Malaysia 3 December 2007
They say their Tamil-speaking schools do not get the same money as other public schools, which means the level of teaching is lower. (......more)
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