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Another blueprint for disaster

S.Ramakrishnan, 23/04/17 -- Yet another blueprint for the Indian community is to be announced on Sunday 23/4/2017. This blueprint is the Prime Minister’s initiative to give hope to Indian community in return for their vote. Unfortunately, the bureaucrats do not seem to be involved in the design and implementation of this plan. Private individuals, NGOs and some businesspersons have provided input and rolled out the blueprint. Indians become equal citizens just before elections only to be forgotten and neglected after getting their votes.

An audit of PMO Indian projects needed

S.Ramakrishnan, 08/03/17 -- Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, when attending the MIC AGM on 16th Oct 2016, announced that the BN government will launch a new blueprint which will be a holistic plan for the betterment of the Indian community. He planned to set up a secretariat under his Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) that shall be tasked with uplifting living standards of the community. The Prime Minister added that in the past, there were hitches in implementing plans because decisions made by him were not executed well by the down line and there were setbacks. Has he identified those hitches and who are those obstructing his plans? In fact, the PMO should conduct an audit as to how the past handouts and assistance has helped the target groups.

Increasing punishment in Act 355 during hard times is a ‘sin’

S.Ramakrishnan, 25/01/17 -- The Johor state government’s tacit support and approval for the proposed amendment to the Syariah courts (criminal jurisdiction) Act 355 has many wondering if it has the people’s welfare really at heart. The Chairman of the Johor State Religious Committee, Abd Mutalip Abd Rahim, says that Act 355 would not have an influence or affect the non-Muslims and they should not fear the implementation of the Act. The next day he claimed that it is his personal view.

Fusing tradition and aspiration is PHEB dilemma

S.Ramakrishnan, 31/01/17 -- The move by the Penang Hindu Endowment Board (PHEB) to introduce the golden chariot to carry the Murugan Vel from Queens Street Maariamman temple to the hilltop Murugan Temple is to replace the usual informal practice of carrying the Vel. The Murugan Vel is usually carried by PHEB officials informally before Thaipusam every year and brought back after the festival.

Chettiars should be graceful to accept changes and embrace the Tamils as their fellow brother devotees

S.Ramakrishnan, 20/01/17 -- It has been settled. The Penang Hindu Endowment board (PHEB) will come out with their own golden chariot that will carry the Murugan vel from the Queens Street Mariamman temple to the hilltop Murugan temple before the Thaipusam festival and bring it back after the festival.  

All these years, the PHEB has taken responsibility for the Thaipusam festivals and has coordinated and managed all religious affairs, security matters and liaison with the various agencies making sure that everything is in order. However, only the chariot procession has been organized by the Nattukottai chettiars.  As the country develps and goes foward, the second and third generation Malaysian Tamils have matured and developed the self-confidence and managing skills to run everything from A to Z..






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