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Malayandi retains his position

Saturday, 10 March, 2007

Somehow, Malayandi retained his chief editor position in Samy’s Tamil Nesan contrary our earlier report that he has been dropped in favor of Agni, the new comer from defunct Tamil Kural. Vell Parri, samy’s good son, may not be in the mood to rock the boat at least for now and concentrating more on attracting Pandithan followers.
tamil nesan
Believe it! Pandithan getting prominent positive coverage.

Tamil Kural disappeared again

30/05/06 Indra Bhai’s -- wife of the late charismatic Tamil daily editor, Athi Kumanan – Tamil Kural is playing hide and seek again. After several days of absence, the paper started printing a week ago failed to hit the street today. Sources say, Tamilmani, the publishing license holder walked out of the company owing to some financial misunderstanding with the management. During this brief period of publishing the daily’s news and articles were more pro-Samy Vellu.

Athi’s wife strikes back Tamil Kural

Indra Bhai after all is not giving up her hold on Tamil Kural. Her faction managed to print limited copies for circulation in Kuala Lumpur area on 03/05/06. This means two version of Tamil Kural hit the street.

Tamil Kural shareholders:
Dato Puvan – 50%
Indra Bhai     - 20 %
Tamil Mani’s daughters – 10 %
Jaswin Kaur (Nanban Company secretary) – 20%

Tamil Mani holds the Publishing license.

Sources say, Indra Bhai has cut a deal with Tamil Mani, who may likely to be the new editor, and is actively looking for a printing press. 06/05/06 

Who control Tamil Kural ?

After 3 days of absence, Tamil Kural is back in business. The management faction aligned to MIC top politician started their operation from another location. Bye… bye.. to Indrabhai. With this, Palanivel can count on two Tamil newspapers to back in him in his quest for MIC deputy leadership. Malaysia Nanban which is playing a sort of neutral role, currently,  will be the next target. 01/05/06

Tamil Kural in trouble

Tamil Kural, one of the four Tamil newspapers in the country that barely started a few months ago, failed to hit the street today owing to management dispute. Sources say the papers editor, Agni, and shareholder Indrabhai, wife of the late Athikumanan , are at odd with MIC news coverage that led the former to take a court order to stop the printing. The same source says, MIC top politician using a proxy is the majority share holder and the publishing license belongs to Tamilmani, who is also aligned to the same politician. 28/04/06

Nanban in trouble again? Malaysia's third Tamil daily, Tamil Kural, is set to hit the street on 28/11/05. After the death of Athikumanan, Malaysia Nanban's ownership dispute ensued between Subramaniam. S, MIC deputy president, and Athi's wife Indrabhai. The publications license holder Sikandar Batcha aligned hiself with Subra. A group of 10 management staffs left along with Sikandar to publish the paper. But apparently the Subra & Sikandar partnership short lived and sources say Subra is planning to acquire Makkal Osai, currently a weekly paper, and publish it as the fourth Tamil daily. Tamil readers are going to have some great fun. (26/11/05)

Faction fight in Malaysia Nanban

The Star Friday September 2, 2005

KUALA LUMPUR: A fight to control the management and editorial policy of popular Tamil language newspaper Malaysia Nanban resulted in publisher and key editorial staff being thrown out to the streets. (....more)




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