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Marginalised Community by:
Jayakumar. T
Mohanarani. R
Arumugam. K
Neru. R
First Published:1993, Alaigal Sdn. Bhd. Ipoh
Publisher has authorised reproduction
English Translation: iMOL
Just few Minutes
Just few minutes

75% of us are labor-intensive workers. Plantations, factories, road works and other construction work where our labor being sucked without having any choice.  36 years have passed since independence but still unable to free our self from the socio-economic problems.
Meager income, debts, inflation, alcoholic problems, disunity, inferiority complex are some of the issues facing our community.
What is the reason for this situation?
How to we get out from this?
Before pondering from liberating our self, first one must understand the root causes of these problems.
Finding out the causes of a disease and its history is important for curing it. Before finding solution for the social problems, we need to understand the reasons behind them and this cartoon book is an attempt on this mainly concentrating on workers issues.

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