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 Charles Santiago: who is K P Samy?


Thursday, 21 July, 2011

Klang Parliament member Charles Santiago dismissed K P Samy as ‘tak bolih pakai (no use)’ and someone who has no authority to speak on behalf of Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) pertaining to the public debate challenge he threw to MIC, which was reported in Malaysia Nanban Tamil daily today.

K P Samy has been very vocal and at times seems to be the de facto MIC Information Chief since Palanivel, the current MIC president, reinstated him back – Samy Vellu sacked him from party -- to the Central Working Committee.

Just yesterday, K P Samy told Kimma President to shut-up and not to divide the Indian Community. Previously, he clashed with DAP MP’s Kulasegaran and Sivanesan on the ‘interlock’ issue.

According to the Malaysia Nanban report, Charles said he was not questioning MIC’s contributions for the Indian community for all these years and also not interested whether MIC people supported Bersih movement or not but rather questioned why all the MIC leaders were tight-lipped when there were calls to revoke Bersih leader Ambiga Sreenevasan’s citizenship.

“An Indian woman is fighting for the citizen’s human rights but no MIC leader came forward to defend her”.

Charles also condemned MIC leaders for their inaction on the ‘Interlock’ novel issue, the daily added in the front page report.

Apparently, Charles issued the challenge to Vetrivel, MIC branch chairman, for a public debate if he cannot comprehend the information available in websites about his services to his constituents, his contributions to the Indian community and his role in the Parliament.
But, K P Samy jumped in and accepted the challenge.

On his part, K P Samy advised Charles not to throw stones on others outside the parliament using the powers bestowed by the people.

“Stop the culture of attacking MIC”, de facto MIC Information chief said.



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