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S.Ramakrishnan, 08/0/17

Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, when attending the MIC AGM on 16th Oct 2016, announced that the BN government will launch a new blueprint which will be a holistic plan for the betterment of the Indian community. He planned to set up a secretariat under his Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) that shall be tasked with uplifting living standards of the community. The Prime Minister added that in the past, there were hitches in implementing plans because decisions made by him were not executed well by the down line and there were setbacks. Has he identified those hitches and who are those obstructing his plans? In fact, the PMO should conduct an audit as to how the past handouts and assistance has helped the target groups.

It seems obvious that the new holistic blueprint to uplift the standard of living of Indian community is another plan to be implemented in silo or on the side line by MIC, Indian based BN component parties and NGOs. It is not the government policy or effort but Prime Minister’s own effort to work with political parties and NGOs. So if PM Datuk Seri Najib losses election or leaves office all this blueprint plan will come to naught. PM Datuk Seri Najib’s support among Malaysians including Malays is at an all-time low and he is preparing to face the 14th general elections which is expected to be his survival test. The blueprint that was to be announced in January 2016 may be announced just before GE 14 to give new hope to Indian community to vote for BN.
Since all plans are given to political parties and NGOs to execute, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib has absolved government agencies of any responsibilities for the current Indian conundrum. Despite the creation of Indian task force for citizenships, thousands of Malaysian born Indians are still without blue identity card. Children born to Malaysian couples before the parent’s marriage registration don’t get Malaysian citizenship even if the parents register their marriages later. If a man choses to marry a few women and starts a family with them, children from the second, third or fourth marriages onwards cannot be registered as citizens. Children become victims of government policies. In rural areas birth registration after 1 month or so will find it extremely difficult to Malaysian citizenship. There are thousands of such cases. Even schools hesitate to admit them unless some politician talk to the headmaster. The task force appointed by the Prime Minister himself is not able solve many such cases because the registration department has not received any instruction from the higher ups. Hope Prime Minister bring in the registration department into his blueprint plan to solve this perennial issue.

Gangsterism is very much a part and parcel of working class Indians. One estimate is that 70% of gangsters are Indians. Students from lower secondary schools are targeted by gangs. These goes on without any action from Police and Education department. All the current plans and schemes of PM Datuk Seri Najib do not address the presence of gangsters. In fact, some of these guys are already holding senior positions in MIC and the government. Corruption in police services has to be stopped to eliminate this menace among Indians. Hope Prime Minister’s blueprint include elimination of rampant corruption in police department and enable school teachers to be more inclusive, inspirational and solve these gangsterism issues in secondary schools.    
In Malaysia discrimination and segregation runs in every sphere of life including the examination result slip which mentions the student’s religious status. Under this social conditions how can the silo blueprint uplift the minority Indian community is anybody’s guess. But MIC and BN Indian leaders are waiting for these blueprint as though it’s going to be an all cure for Indian problems. Indians need equal opportunities in education, scholarships, jobs and businesses and not merely business loans. Indians unlike our Malay brothers and sisters, don’t have any safety net when they slip downward. Can the blueprint address this concern.


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