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Student killed in attack by gang of schoolboys

Thursday October 25, 2012 By R.S.N.MURALI , The Star

ALOR GAJAH: A Form Two student from SMK Pulau Sebang near here was killed when he was set upon by a group of five schoolboys from another secondary school over an earlier skirmish.

It's learnt that the victim, K. Saravanan, 14, from Gadek in Alor Gajah succumbed to neck injuries after he was kicked violently and stomped on in a brutal attack.

In the 2.30pm attack, the victim was waiting for the bus with another friend on the second floor of the Tampin Bus Terminal when he was confronted by the group.

The attack was believed to have started following a series of arguments between the victim and the group which often mocked Saravanan's style of walking.

However, yesterday the group of Form Two students noticed that Saravanan was sitting with only one friend at the bus stop when they decided to attack him.

A trader, at the bus terminal, who requested anonymity, said the group was known for bullying other students.

“This is not the first time the delinquent schoolboys had attacked other students as numerous gang fights have been reported at the terminal,” he said.

The trader, in his late 40s, said he heard the group cheering and only realised that they were beating up someone after the victim who was floored was seen lying unconscious.

The boys, he said, were attempting to resuscitate the victim when they noticed his mouth was foaming.

“The group fled the scene when a group of traders ran to the victim's aid,” he said.

The victim was rushed to Tampin Hospital where he died at 3.20pm.

Deputy OCPD Deputy Superintendent Abdul Rahman Jid said police detained all those involved in the incident between 6pm and 7pm yesterday.

Meanwhile, the victim's mother, M. Mala, 36, said her only son complained about the bullying by the group two weeks ago.

“He was afraid to attend school and I informed the school about the existence of the gang,” she said between sobs.



Friday October 26, 2012

Passers-by stood by and did nothing as teen gets beaten up


MALACCA: A crowd of some 30 passers-by just stood by and watched two boys beat up 14-year-old bully victim K. Saravannan (pic) at the Tampin Bus Terminal.

Nobody came forward to stop the boys from attacking Saravannan, who later succumbed to his injuries, during the incident, with some even leaving after seeing him lying unconscious on the first floor of the terminal.

State Crime Investigation Department chief ACP Raja Shahrom Raja Abdullah said witnesses told the police that they saw two boys attacking Saravannan during the incident, which was witnessed by some 30 people.

“We have eye-witnesses. The victim's friend rushed him to the hospital but he died on the way,” he said yesterday.

ACP Raja Shahrom said based on initial report, Saravannan, from SMK Pulau Sebang in Tampin, Alor Gajah, was believed to have died due to brain and spinal injuries consistent with blunt force.

During the 2.30pm attack on Wednesday, Saravannan was waiting for the bus with another friend on the second floor of the terminal when a group of schoolboys confronted him.

The attack, which saw Saravannan being violently kicked and stomped on, was believed to have started following a series of arguments between the Form Two student and the group, who had often mocked his style of walking.

A trader at the terminal said that the boys fled after several of them ran to the victim's aid.

Two 14-year-old boys, said ACP Raja Shahrom, had been picked up following the attack while another five were being questioned.

“Both boys are under remand for 14 days,” he said, adding that the boys were playing in a field near Pulau Sebang in Tampin when they were detained at 6pm on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Saravannan's mother, M. Mala, 36, said her only son had suddenly hugged her the night before he was killed.

“He told me that he loved me. He also kept telling me that he would take good care of me. I can't believe he is gone,” she said at the Malacca Hospital mortuary here.

It was the third time that her son had complained of being bullied, said Mala.



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